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Alusic's Mission

Customer first! Our mission

If we want to grow, we need to do so with our customers!

Alusic are leaders in industrial automation assembly systems and components, an achievement which was possible by always putting customers first.

Alusic’s success can be described briefly in figures:

  • more than 300 aluminium structural profile molds

  • over 480.000 metres of aluminium profiles in stock

  • business being developed in over 40 different countries world-wide

  • more than 8.000 articles available for immediate delivery

  • 4.0 management systems

  • delivery in 1/3 the time

With these figures, Alusic has become a benchmark and a guarantee of quality and reliability for its customers.


Alusic embodies excellence Made In Italy and has always set itself apart from the competition due to its extensive range of products which are always in stock, but it is only in recent years that it has taken huge strides forward: the concept of a successful work method for its customers.

This method has been consolidated by major customer-centric investments that have been made, so that customer service comes first. This achievement has enabled Alusic to be one of a kind in its industry, offering its customers state-of-the-art technology, from machining aluminium profiles to the free on-line configurator for designing conveyor belts.

A customer is satisfied when met with quality and speedy service so our attention has focused on time being of the essence: response and delivery of goods in guaranteed record time!

Skills and experience

Our technical department comprises engineers and designers with profound experience gained in the mechanical design sector. A team of professional technicians dedicated to developing new products and to continuously fine-tuning existing products, offering our clientele a technical consulting service on the functionality and possible applications of our products.

The personnel on the production floor, comprising qualified and specialised technicians, provides customised solutions for industry and automation, such as aluminium structures, frames, conveyor belts, linear actuators, workstations, lean production systems, and trolleys, safety guards and railings on automatic machines.


Industrial structural aluminium solutions

Since 1985, we have been manufacturing and selling a broad range of aluminium structural profiles, more than 200 moulds with a 5, 6, 8 and 10 mm slot, accompanied by a comprehensive range of assembly accessories to guarantee the construction of multiple solutions for industrial applications.

The catalogue includes over 7,000 articles designed for the construction of frames, workstations and workbenches, conveyor belts, barriers, industrial stairs, systems and linear actuators, safety guards on machines and structures and supports for solar panels

Not just aluminium: modular and structural carbon

When it comes to carbon fibre in the industrial automation and robotics industry, you will no doubt have heard of CarboSix: the only carbon fibre structural profiles in the world! Alusic’s carbon line has overcome the limits set by conventional materials, offering concrete solutions that team the mechanical characteristics of carbon with Alusic’s structural and modular system.

The success of the CarboSix line is not only due to the achievement of lighter structures, but it is the consequence of its applications, each one aimed at improving people’s work quality


Quality and certifications

All Alusic products undergo constant tests and quality controls. Our system conforms to the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard; both production and design planning are EN 1090 certified.



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